There is nothing difficult in this, right? Your relatives or friends ask you to take a picture of them. You have a good digital camera. With its help, you create a picture. However, you are unhappy with the result and do not understand why. You have correctly adjusted the focus and exposure. So what’s the … Read more

Exposure to photography

Shutter speed is the amount of time it takes for a camera to capture an image. When you press the shutter button, the sensor opens, and a beam of light enters it, which the matrix forms into an image. This period of time, when the matrix is ​​​​open, and light comes from the lens, is … Read more

What is ISO and digital noise and how to avoid it

Even if you have recently taken up photography, you have probably heard such a thing as “Digital noise” and, but if you didn’t hear it, then you saw it for sure. Perhaps you called it grain, dust, sand or something else. But the essence remains the same. The photo looks terrible. Consider the simplest … Read more

Some useful facts about lenses

When you look through the viewfinder of a DSLR, you always see a certain amount of dust. This is inevitable and quite natural. This is dust on the mirror and it will not affect the photo in any way. The mirror, of course, can be cleaned, but the silver coating on it is quite sensitive, … Read more

What to shoot, RAW or JPEG?

The most tricky question, to which we will answer in the affirmative: in JPEG. And immediately make a reservation: “except when RAW is better.” And it is better in the following cases (one point is enough): You constantly print photos of a format larger than 13×18 (and certainly more than 10×15) and rotate them for … Read more


HDR, one of the new words associated with the digital era in photography, is defined as “image with an extended dynamic range” (high dynamic range image / photo) and is associated with the characteristics of photography and photo printing. This phenomenon is based on the fact that the human eye sees much more shades than … Read more


It would seem that this is another useless thing in the photographer’s arsenal, since, on the one hand, it makes a completely non-compact camera even more non-compact, and is not quickly removed, despite the fact that it practically does not interfere with catching sunbeams (and this is what it was made for, it would seem … Read more

Long lens, telephoto lens

A lens that often allows you to “get closer” without actually doing it – as a rule, such lenses, in themselves, are longer than all of the ones we’ve talked about above. They are often measured by photographers, although it would seem that there is no point – well, you shoot a bird in the … Read more

Macro lens

Macro photography is almost the only direction in photography where everything or almost everything depends on the technique used for shooting. Of course, artistic flair is important here, but a good lens will do its job much better for you – which is why many beginners start with macro. A macro lens is any lens … Read more

Portrait lens

Do not look for the portrait inscription on this lens – there are none. A portrait lens simply has an EGF focal length of 85-120mm, depending on the taste of the photographer. The reason is simple: when communicating with a person, most of us look at the interlocutor with both eyes, and therefore we are … Read more